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Buy Food NOW Next Month Will Be WORSE | FOOD SHORTAGE | SHTF Prepping

Buy Food NOW Next Month Will Be WORSE | FOOD SHORTAGE | SHTF Prepping
New Reports Released!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This severe winter storm is making things much worse, Crops are getting destroyed by the freezing temperatures and the late spring winter storms! This late winter and wet conditions are
very bad for out agriculture crops for 2022, Crimpling effects will come to America with food shortages with this added winter storm causing havoc on the already food crisis. A bad outlook
on agriculture and produce this year will add to the already catastrophic food shortages and hyperinflation and inflation. Hyper inflation along with the already bad supply chain issues
and Chinas lock downs and furthering supply chain disruption, we were hoping to grow our own food in America and at least have that, but severe winter storms to day and the late winter
dragging into spring destroying crops and fiends of produce and citrus will add the the already going on crisis of food shortage and inflation of food prices.

Grocery stores don’t see it right now in some places, but food shortages are immanent in the coming weeks and months, as we have many many world crisis’s going on globally that will
effect Americans and the rest of the world.

Cpi report came out followed by the PPI report and the PPI report was bad, which means historically next month we should plan for an even worse cpi report which will be daunting as
America is already suffering enough with the food shortages and hyperinflation of food prices, for it to be expected to get even worse will mean hard times to come for Americans with
food shortages and hyperinflation and inflation along with supply chain issues and that goes for the rest of the world Aswell.

Hyperinflation, and inflation is absolutely expected to increase, food prices are expected to increase, this is a food crisis an American food crises expecting to get much worse,
and not only an American food crisis it is a worldwide food crisis. The rising cost of food is about to get a lot worse! and not only the rising cost of food, but the shortage of
food, the shortage of food is also expected to get very bad. As the supply chain crisis continues to get worse. America is in the middle of a food shortage and a major time period
of inflation and even worse hyperinflation, is there such a thing as hyper hyper inflation? because that is were we are headed. We as a nation and also world wide are looking at
major food shortages and inflation that could be catastrophic.

Have you heard of bird flu? well bird flu is sweeping America really bad. Bird flu could be the new pandemic! Bird flu pandemic could be the next very bad thing to happen to this
world. If that happens and it transmits to humans hyperinflation and food shortages wont be are biggest problems.

New CPI reports say we are up 8.5% but does hyperinflation feel larger than that? I think the inflation feels larger than 8.5% with many things that effect us individually I would
say the 8.5% definitely feels not what the effect feels like

New York times even straights that the shortages and price increase should be expected for months to come. With as bad as it is now, getting worse sounds like it could be pretty bad.

Canadian Prepper reported many percentages we listed in video along with others we found reported, all preppers know what is happening and what to be prepared for, emergency preparedness
food shortages, inflation, hyperinflation, what you can do know is stock up food, stockpile food and be prepared for food shortages and inflating prices that could get real bad.
Hyperinflation is real and it is about to get much worse, especially chicken, there is major chicken shortages with the bird flu and egg shortages with the bird flu happening now.
Being prepared, whether you are beginner prepper or someone that just wants to be ready for emergency and inflation by saving money now buy buying now vs later is a smart move.

Do what you can, prep now, prepping 2022 is a very concerning thing that everyone should be ready for. Prepper or not, emergency preparedness person or not, stocking up on food
and supplies is keen.

Long term food storage is what you want to be thinking about, shelf stable food that if not used for some time will be ok. So that way if it happens that the crisis gets better,
the food you bought and stockpiled can still be used and you actually saved money by buying it Sonner than later as inflation will only get worse.

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