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5 Choke Hold Defenses Women MUST Know | Self Defense | Aja Dang

I’m Aja Dang and I teamed up with Renner Gracie from Gracie University to show you 5 choke hold defense techniques every woman MUST know when involved in a fight. In a perfect world, women wouldn’t need to know self protection, but we are not in a perfect world. This video will teach you how to escape from some attacks and sexual assault positions. We covered some of the best defense moves in this self defense training video – even how to escape a choke hold.

While this doesn’t take place of actual jiu jitsu training, these are self defense techniques that can be practiced at home. I really hope that we never have to use these techniques against an attacker, but better to know the basics than know nothing at all.

* special thanks to Renner Gracie for spending the afternoon teaching us these important techniques.

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