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PREPPER PANTRY | Building a 3 month food supply

PREPPER PANTRY | Building a 3 month food supply. I’m beginning my prepper pantry, let’s talk about the food items you need to stock up on now. Prepper Pantry | Building a 3 Month Food Supply
Preppers pantry food storage
I’m not encouraging hoarding I just want us to be prepared. I’m putting together a three-month prepper pantry as I prepare for a possible second wave or shutdown, I’m just beginning my stockpile. Let’s talk about the food items you will need to stock up on for emergency preparedness as we putting up an emergency food supply. Long term food storage is important so I’m being careful to choose items that will last a long time at room temperature. This is prepping for beginners so please let me know what food items you think are important for your family’s prepping pantry. I think these are the best EMERGENCY food supplies for preparedness but everyone has different needs.
In this video, Prepper Pantry | Building a 3 Month Food Supply Sweet Savant shows how to build a prepper pantry, and begin building a three-month food supply for emergency preparedness. The video content includes long term food storage, how to build a prepper pantry for emergency preparedness, building an emergency food supply, pantry storage ideas, and second-wave prepping.

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While I am focused on food in this video just as important are Band-aids and any over the counter medical items any dental items, pain killers, cold meds, cough drops, allergy medications, deodorant, Fire extinguisher, birth control, and condoms. Feminine hygiene products, flashlights, and batteries of various sizes, a weather radio, disposable razors, etc.
We’ll put things in large storage containers with labels so I can stack them as I don’t have a lot of space.

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For longer shelf life, cooking oils should be stored in darkness. Even short periods of direct sun exposure can reduce the useful life of cooking oils by weeks or months.
Create 2 food storage systems: 1) Short-term, for say six months to one year, and 2) long-term for anything longer than one year. The short-term storage would be for the everyday items I showcased in this video. The long-term would include bulk amounts of grains, dried beans, pasta, sugars, and various dehydrated items sealed in metal cans or in oxygen-removed bags, clean portable water, etc.
You can also store in closets and under the bed.
Use a Sharpie and put the “Best By” BB or “Purchased Date” PD on the front of the ends of your food containers. This makes it easier to keep up with what should be used first, especially, when having to move foods around in order to better use the space available. The golden rules of food storage is FIFO = First In, First Out.

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