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Food Storage Pantry $7,000 worth of Supplies EMERGENCY Prepper

14 Months UPDATE on my FOOD Supply Pantry. I’ve added Battery Powered Generators for cooking meals during long blackouts. Also a SOLAR OVEN is under construction for FREE cooking energy, baking cookies, and heating up meals. Stay tuned for further updates! survivalist prepper food storage

The items I purchased and use in the video:
Lady Grey TEA:
Eggnoggin TEA:
Peppermint Peak TEA:
Panasonic INVERTER Microwave Oven:
Proctor Silex Hot Pot:
Stovetop Electric Burner:
Betty Crocker 1000watt TOASTER OVEN:
JACKERY 1000 Battery Powered SOLAR Generator:
EcoFlow River PRO Power Station:
160 Watt Solar Panel (waterproof, foldable):
210 watt Solar Panel:
Goal Zero (Small Solar Kit):

All sound effects were created by me in MAGIX MUSIC MAKER. With its included Instruments, Synthesizers and SoundPools. (paid link)
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks to Kevin Macleod for the royalty free music. Some changes were made, like speeding up or slowing down a section to fit the length of a video clip.
Killing Time by Kevin MacLeod

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