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Choosing which gun safe to buy is an important decision and can be difficult. When selecting the right gun safe, there are many factors to consider, including affordability, size, weight, and fire protection. While many gun safes offer high levels of fire protection, some don’t necessarily advertise that feature in the way others do.

The more fire protection a gun safe has, the safer you’ll feel knowing that your valuables are protected from high temperatures in case of a house fire or a break-in attempt. There is, however, a trade-of.: A higher level of fire protection usually results in higher pricing.

To help you make an informed decision about which gun safe is best for you, I’ve compiled this guide to compare different brands’ fire ratings, as well as their overall cost and weight. From my experience, the SentrySafe SFW123GDC fireproof gun safe is the best on the market. It provides a large storage capacity and includes a dehumidifier to prevent rusting. The simple design makes it easy to operate and program. This product comes with a lifetime warranty for fire protection, so you can be sure that it will protect your firearms for many years to come.

7 Best Fireproof Gun Safes 

Once you have determined the class of protection that best fits your needs, it’s time to look at more specific features that will aid in making the final choice easier. Here’s a list of our top picks for gun safes.

1. LIONSEN Fireproof Safe with Digital Keypad

LIONSEN Fireproof Safe with Digital Keypad

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This LIONSEN fireproof safe with a digital keypad is portable, lightweight, and user-friendly. It is fireproof and waterproof. It is suitable for small offices and home use. It has high security. The electronic keypad ensures safety and can be locked by keys too. It is easy to use. The interior, lined with carpet, protects valuable possessions.

This safe is made of high-quality solid steel. Two live-locking bolts and concealed hinges prevent unlawful entry. The safe features a digital lock that can be programmed in seconds with your unique combination. It includes a well-designed lockbox with a wall, floor, and shelf mounting for convenient, quick access to valuables.

The safe weighs about 100lbs making it difficult to pick up and run. It is also fireproof up to 1500°F for 20 minutes. The fire safe box comes with mounting hardware, two backup manual keys, and a removable inner shelf.


  • Durable
  • Burglar resistant
  • Great for multiple item storage



Offering 1.27 cubic feet of room, this safe boasts reliable electronic locks and easy-to-use manual door latches. Create your passcode with the swift and simple digital keypad and lock it in conveniently using the manual door-latch mechanism. The safe also includes four mounting bolts for wall or floor mounting (mounting bolts included).

2. BARSKA AX13496 Biometric Fireproof Safe 

BARSKA AX13496 Biometric Fireproof Safe

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The Barska AX13496 biometric fireproof safe is a 4.48 cubic ft security safe featuring cutting-edge biometric fingerprint technology, fire and water protection, solid steel construction, and a pry-resistant door. 

The fingerprint sensor on this security safe grants quick access to valuables, fastening shut with two solid locking bolts for extra security. The AX13496 safe prevents theft and unauthorized entries because only registered fingerprints can open the safe’s door. 

In case of fire or flood, the safe will lock down your valuables, documents, and important information against water and fire damage. This unit contains four adjustable shelves and mounting hardware.

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The safe can store up to 120 fingerprint scans and access your valuables in seconds with the included biometric lock. The unique gun rack offers versatile storage for two rifles or shotguns. The interior carpet protects items from scratching and scuffing during storage. This safe is California DOJ approved for firearm safety.

The fireproof protection will withstand temperatures up to 1700°F for up to one hour and offers unparalleled access control and convenience.


  • Electronic Lock with Emergency Backup Key
  • Silent mode option for stealth access
  • Durable Exterior Finish with Recessed Door


  • Fingerprint Reader is Not The Best


The AX13496 biometric safe by Barska is equipped with biometric fingerprint identification technology and a silent access mode, providing fast and secure access. The built-in biometrics scanner reads up to 120 individual fingerprints to store in memory.

In addition to the built-in 4″ x 6″ biometric scanner, users also have the option of using a backup PIN number for additional security, or a standard key lock can be used instead of the biometric scanner.

3. Honeywell Fire Safe Waterproof Safe Box 

Honeywell Fire Safe Waterproof Safe Box

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The Honeywell LHLP1104G 1100 fire-safe waterproof safe box is a tough, durable fire safe that protects your guns and documents. Its pry-resistant heavy-duty hinges and design make it difficult to force entry. The safe protects against water damage and fire for up to an hour.

The Honeywell LHLP1104G waterproof safe offers an extra layer of protection for your valuables and guns. Fire rating is achieved by an advanced ThermaPlate lining which protects the safe’s contents from temperatures of up to 1700°F. A reliable waterproof seal helps defend against the damaging effects of water and humidity in the event of a flood. 

Weighing in at only 17 pounds, the LHLP1104G can be easily transported with a built-in handle. Store up to 2.12 cubic feet of valuable documents and guns in this chest. The pry-proof design of this digital lock safe box makes it resistant to any attempt to break in after it has been closed.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Convenient for travel
  • One-hour fire-resistance


  • Can’t store larger items


This is a waterproof and fire-resistant safe that offers one-hour fire protection and ETL Verified water protection up to two feet for 72 hours. The safe is easy to organize with a removable felt-lined tray, document shelf, and a key rack for convenience. 

The ergonomic steel carrying handle allows you to transport your safe with ease. The LHLP1104G is equipped with a programmable digital lock allowing you to choose your combination (three to eight digits) and an override key for emergency backup access. 

4. SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

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The SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof, Waterproof safe with a digital keypad is a concealed locking drawer for storing important items such as weapons and classified documents. The hidden compartment can be secured with the included key or a user-set digital combination for greater control and convenience. 

An adjustable shelf provides flexible organization options, while a programmable digital lock offers convenient access. The safe has live-locking bolts and pry-resistant hinges to help prevent theft, while two multi-position shelves can be customized as needed.

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The SentrySafe SFW123GDC fireproof, waterproof safe can protect guns, documents, and other valuables from various elements. Should a fire occur, your valuables will remain secure thanks to UL Classified fire protection which is independently verified to withstand an external temperature of 1700°F for up to an hour.

This safe protects your valuables from fire damage and water damage, and it safeguards against theft with a multi-position shelf, four large 1.31-inch bolts, and pry-resistant concealed hinges.


  • Heavy duty
  • Solid steel construction
  • Electronic lock with tubular key
  • Pry-resistant hinge bar
  • Four live-locking bolts


  • Expensive as compared to other safes


With an internal capacity of 1.23 cubic feet, this is SentrySafe’s medium-sized fireproof and waterproof safe. It can withstand temperatures up to 1700°F for up to 60 minutes and can be submerged in up to eight inches of water for 24 hours without leaking. The heavy-duty deadbolt lock is resistant to prying, hammering, and other attack methods. 

It features an easy-to-use digital keypad that allows you to choose your combination. The override key allows access in case the code is forgotten. It also comes with four anchor bolts that can be used to secure it to a shelf or floor if desired.

5. KACSOO Fireproof Safe Box

KACSOO Fireproof Safe Box

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The high-strength connected digital safe box from KACSOO has a strong steel construction, providing durable and reliable protection for your valuables and belongings for years to come. Made of heavy-duty carbon steel with a double-wall steel door, it is hard-wearing. With the electronic lock system, you can easily set your combination to access your safe at any time.

This safe is a heavy-duty, easily programmable digital safe that provides maximum security for cash, jewelry, firearms, and other valuable items at home or in the office. The high-grade steel construction, keypad, electronic lock, two emergency override keys, and included mounting bolts ensure your valuables remain secure at all times. 

It is designed and built to withstand fire or extreme temperatures for one hour up to 1550°F. It comes with ETL verified overheating and is explosion-proof. IPX4 waterproofing takes care of valuables during floods. It is recommended for cash, documents, guns, jewelry, and other valuables. 


  • It comes with anti-theft protection
  • Constructed from reinforced solid steel wall
  • Compact portable size



Your valuables will stay protected within this fireproof safe box. Perfect for your home, office, or garage, this safe box is great for storing important documents, money, and jewelry. Whether you’re protecting your business from theft or storing emergency cash and papers, this safe box is the perfect option for any safety-conscious homeowner or a small business owner.

6. SECUSTAR XL2 Biometric Fireproof Handgun Safe

SECUSTAR XL2 Biometric Fireproof Handgun Safe

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This SECUSTAR biometric gun safe is a best seller, made of the thickest & most durable steel on the market. It is designed to last a lifetime. This gun safe can securely store two pistols and other valuables. It is the newest generation of biometric security safes by Secustar, featuring an extra small size for easy travel and portability, two latches for greater strength and security, and a backlit quick access keypad for use in low-light and darkness.

Equipped with an advanced fingerprint identification scanner & high capacity battery supply, the SECUSTAR XL2 pistol safe provides the ultimate means of quick and reliable access in a high-stress situation. The fingerprint scanner can quickly identify fingerprints and provide perfect security while allowing lightning-quick access even in the dark with its backlit keypad.

This gun safe is perfect for handgun storage. Its quick opening technology won’t waste precious seconds during an emergency. It has been successfully tested to withstand up to 1200°F during a fire and has durable water-sealed doors to protect against floods. 


  • Quick Access
  • 2 Pistols Capacity
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Backlit Keypad
  • Portable Travel Vault for Handgun
  • Contact Sensor for Auto-Open Lid
  • Solid Steel Construction with Textured Powder Coating
  • Versatile Mounting Options



If you’re looking for a security safe that will easily blend into your bedroom decor, this is not only a decent option but one of the best handgun safes for bedroom use. This biometric pistol safe easily fits under a bed or closet and can hold two standard-size pistols side by side. It has simple electronic keypad access and comes with a backup key system and two latches to keep it locked tight. 

7. AEGIS Fireproof Safe Box with Digital Keypad

AEGIS Fireproof Safe Box with Digital Keypad

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AEGIS 1.6 fireproof safe box is the perfect choice for homes, businesses, and hotels. It is suitable for storage on floors or walls. The safe comes with solid steel construction, two locking bolts, a digital keypad, and a double key with two keys, which is enough to keep it safe. 

With the high-security lock combination, you can feel confident that your valuable belongings will be protected from theft or fire. AEGIS safes are fireproof rated at 1550°F for 30 minutes, so it’s very unlikely any personal valuables may be destroyed in the event of a fire.

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This gun safe box offers the privacy and security you need for your valuables. It features a 1.6 cubic feet interior with a keypad and two keys, fireproof time of up to 30 minutes at 1550°F, two steel live locking bolts, and thick heavy-duty steel construction for added security. 

There is convenient storage on top of the lid, perfect for storing cell phones, USBs, weapons, or travel documents. So stop worrying about burglary and fire and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with an AEGIS digital gun safe.


  • Two emergency override keys provide double security
  • Anti-pry mechanism
  • Ultra-thick solid steel construction


  • Withstands heat for shorter duration


This AEGIS gun safe box is the most secure, durable, and reliable home fireproof safe for protecting your valuable guns from fire and theft. The high-security dual lock system prevents the safe from being pried open, while the reinforced steel deadbolts protect against forced entry. 

The door opens smoothly for easy access to your firearms and features a soft foam interior lining that protects your valuables in extreme temperatures. 

Buying Guide: What I Look For in a Fireproof Gun Safe?

When shopping for a fireproof gun safe, you have a lot of factors to consider. You want something that will keep your firearms, and other valuables secure in the event of a fire, but you also want it to be easy to access when you need it. You want the best of both worlds – a safe that’s fireproof and easy to use.

First off, what kind of gun do you own? Most people assume they can just get any old safe, but you must choose one specifically designed for your firearm (or whatever else you plan on storing). For example, if you own a shotgun or rifle with a magazine, then it’s best if the safe has space for magazines as well as shells, so there’s no confusion when loading up at night.

If only one person has access and knows how to use the gun safe, it should be locked with either an electronic keypad or fingerprint scanner [or both]. However, if multiple people need access, try looking for safes that offer biometric security features so everyone can enter without having their fingerprints scanned individually before each use.

Gun safety is a major concern for many gun owners, especially those who have children in the home. A fireproof gun safe can help to protect against fires, theft, and accidents. If you are considering purchasing a fireproof gun safe, there are a few things that you should look for.

The first thing you will want to look for in a fireproof gun safe is whether or not it has been certified by Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL). This is an independent organization that tests products for safety and other conditions. 

You will also want to look for a gun safe made from high-density steel or other materials resistant to rusting and corrosion. It is important to make sure that your firearm does not rust or corrode when exposed to moisture, which can happen if the firearm has been stored in an area where humidity levels are high.

Next, you will want to ensure that your fireproof gun safes come with tamper-resistant locks. In addition to preventing unauthorized access, these locks will prevent people from taking your firearm out of the safe without first having to open it up.

In case a fire occurs, it is important to have a fireproof gun safe so that you can keep your guns and other valuables protected. There are, however, several things to keep in mind when choosing a fireproof gun safe. They include:

How Much Fire Protection?

There are different levels of fire protection offered by various models of safes. The level of protection offered by a particular model will determine how safe your guns and other valuables are in case there is a fire.

The best model should withstand temperatures up to 1200°F for at least 30 minutes. You should also ensure that the interior temperature does not exceed 350°F during this period.

It is also advisable to check out the reviews from customers who have purchased the same product before deciding which model to choose and buy. Fireproof gun safes are designed to withstand high temperatures during a fire and prevent expensive firearms from being damaged or completely destroyed.

Fireproofing Your Gun Safe

A fireproof gun safe should be made from metal or metal alloys such as steel, stainless steel, and titanium. These metals are able to withstand temperatures up to 1,400°F for at least 30 minutes without warping or melting. Metal alloys like titanium are stronger than regular steel and can handle higher temperatures for longer periods without degrading.

The advantages and disadvantages of each type of material:

Steel – It’s strong but heavy and can rust.

Stainless steel – Lightweight but expensive and not as strong as regular steel.

Titanium – Stronger than regular steel but more expensive and heavier than stainless steel.

If you own a gun, it’s important to keep it in a safe place. But with all the options out there, how do you know which safe is right for you?

To make this decision, you’ll want to consider:

Size – How Many Guns Do You Need To Store?

Choosing the right size for a fireproof gun safe is not as simple as it may seem. First, you will need to consider if you may need a bigger gun safe in the future. A common mistake most people make when purchasing a gun safe is that they choose one that’s too small. Always remember that your needs will expand over time, so you should choose a bigger gun safe instead of buying another one in the future.

How To Pick The Right One?

Measure the size of your guns and guns with scopes. If the size of your guns exceeds the maximum measurements, move on to another brand or model. You don’t want your guns to be damaged because they can’t fit inside your safe.

If you have more than two rifles, I recommend getting a big gun safe so you won’t run out of space. You don’t want to buy another one again in the future because you already have an empty space inside your gun safe in the first place.

If it’s not used for firearms, then measure any other valuables like jewelry and important documents so you can fit them inside your fireproof gun safe.

Accessibility – How Often Will You Access Your Guns? Do They Need To Be Ready To Shoot At All Times?

If you are in the market for a fireproof gun safe, you must choose the right one for your storage needs. One of the most important aspects to consider is accessibility. You will want to choose a safe with a design that allows you to access your firearms quickly and easily. 

There are two main types of fireproof safes: “pistol” and “rifle.” Pistol safes are designed for handguns and other small firearms, while rifle safes hold hunting rifles and other larger guns. 

Each type has its unique features that make it more suitable than the other for certain situations. For example, if you want to store your firearms in an easy-to-access location, pistol safes would be better suited because they are smaller and lighter than rifle safes. 

However, if you want more room or want to keep your guns out of sight, then a rifle safe may be preferable since these larger models typically offer more storage space inside as well as being heavier, so they cannot be picked up easily by intruders during an emergency.

Picking The Right Kind of Gun Safe

There are two basic kinds of gun safes: quick-access and high-security. Quick-access safes have a low profile and can be hidden in a closet or under a bed for easy access when you need your firearm quickly. These safes may not be waterproof, and they don’t always offer much protection against fire damage. So if you’re looking for quick access to your firearm in an emergency, this is the kind of safe you would want to get.

If you’re looking for more extensive protection from both fire damage and theft, then go with a high-security gun safe. High-security safes are made to withstand extreme temperatures and protect against water damage, so they will keep your firearms dry even in the most humid climates. Since they’re built with thick steel walls welded together without any seams or weak points, it’s almost impossible to break them open with traditional methods like pry bars or cutting tools.

The Importance of Having a Fireproof Gun Safe

Why should you have a fireproof gun safe? Among many other reasons, owning a gun can be dangerous if you don’t properly secure it. Every year, there are thousands of cases where children get their hands on a parent’s firearm and accidentally shoot themselves or someone else.

There is also the risk of having your guns stolen if they are left lying around in your home. A burglar may come in and take your weapon, either for themselves or to sell on the black market. They could use it to commit crimes without worrying about leaving evidence behind because there would be no fingerprints.

Finally, if you live in an area prone to wildfires or floods, then having a fireproof safe might sound like overkill. Still, you never know when disaster will strike, so being prepared ahead of time is always better than being caught off guard without proper protection from these kinds of situations!

Most people who own a gun want to ensure it is kept in the most secure possible place. One of the best ways to ensure your gun is safe and secure is by investing in a fireproof gun safe. It’s important to note that not all safes are created equal, and some brands offer additional features that may be beneficial to you.

Another important thing you can do when you purchase a safe is to make sure a reliable company or brand makes it. You can easily find this information by checking out the company’s website and looking at their reviews. If they have any complaints, check them out before making your purchase.

Once you have decided which brand to use, you should take some time to research the different models and see if there are any features or functions that you like better than others. Some models may have better security features or more space for storing other items, while others may include a keypad for easy access. Be sure that the model you choose has an unlocked door so that you can get into it quickly in case of an emergency.


What gun safe has the highest fire rating?

SentrySafe fireproof safes are known to have the highest fire ratings. They can withstand temperatures as high as 1700°F for up to an hour.

Is a fireproof gun safe worth it?

We can all benefit from being prepared when disaster strikes, but you don’t want to spend money needlessly. The purpose of a fireproof gun safe is to protect your firearms from the damage that heat and flames can cause. Fireproof safes are also resistant to water, so if your safe is on a lower floor, it can also protect your firearms from flood damage.

If you live in an area with a higher rate of fires and flooding, a fireproof gun safe may be worth the investment. If you have multiple firearms and other sensitive items to protect (such as documents), it’s certainly worth considering.

Are fireproof safes really fireproof?

Despite being called “fireproof,” these safes have an upper-temperature limit beyond which they can be damaged and they won’t protect your valuables. It is, however, possible that your safe could withstand temperatures of up to 1,700°F for 30 minutes or more.

The UL (Underwriters Laboratories) performs rigorous testing on these safes to ensure they live up to their names. Still, since there are only two levels of certification – 30 minutes and one hour – you may want to consider purchasing a safe that exceeds one of these standards.

How long are gun safes fireproof?

Gun safes are usually fireproof for between half an hour and two hours. The strength of the materials and how thick they are will determine how long the safe is protected against fire.

The most common types of material used in a fireproof gun safe are stainless steel and composite materials. Stainless steel is typically thicker than composite material, which means it can protect your guns from fire for a longer period.

Final Verdict

Fireproof gun safes are designed to protect your guns and valuables even in the event of a house fire. They make an excellent choice for those who live in areas that experience fires frequently or for anyone who has valuable items that need to be kept safe. The important thing is to choose a high-quality safe, but with so many available on the market, it can be hard to know where to begin.

Having said that, the SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Waterproof Safe is my top choice when it comes to fireproof safes. When deciding for yourself, be sure to narrow down a few options and compare them on features and price before making a choice. Keep these pointers in mind, and you’ll have a fireproof gun safe that will keep your firearms safe from harm for years to come.

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