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Prepper Food Haul 2021 | 60 Days Of Food For $250

Prepper Food Haul 2021 | 60 Days Of Food For $250
Prepping food for long term storage should be a priority of preparedness right now. Get shelf stable proteins now before purchase limits come back.

This food haul is not necessarily the cheapest way to get 60 days worth of food for long term SHTF food storage. But, it has something that will be even more expensive soon. Meat. Shelf stable canned meats are a great food inventory investment right now as the prices keep rising while the supply keeps lowering. When you first start out with prepping, it can be overwhelming to go to the store and actually visualize how much food you’ll need to purchase for how many days of survival. So, hopefully this helps give everyone an idea as to what you can accomplish and how much it will cost if you want 60 days worth of food for long term storage with a high protein factor.

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