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How to Escape a Wrist Hold | Self-Defense

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Okay. So we’re going to speak about how to escape a wrist hold.

The first thing, again, she’s going to face me. She’s going to grab my hand first. We’re going to talk about, imagine that she’s my image in the mirror. What I’m going to do is, if she grabs me, with the same hand in the mirror, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to imagine that I have another mirror in my hand, and I’m going to look at myself in the mirror. Okay? That’s the first step, looking at myself in the mirror.

Then I’m going to secure the position by putting my hand this way under the wrist. And I’m just going to rotate my hand. There’s something very important, please, not to move this arm. Not to move. You’re going to move with your hips at the same time that you move this hand. Not your arm, but your hand squeezing and moving your hips. So it’s going to be like this. Okay. Again. And again. Very important. Look in the mirror. Secure position, and then rotate with your hips, as if I were going to say ‘Hi’ to one person that is right there. Very important not to separate, or you’re going to lose your strength. Okay?

So come back here. That is if she grabs me with the same hand in the mirror. But what happens if she grabs me with the opposite hand in the mirror? Very important. I’m going to switch my hand. Very important. Imagine that this is like a Foosball, and you want to play this way. This is the same motion that you are going do with your hand. Like this. As fast and as easy as just doing this. Okay? After you do that, you can go to that side and say hello to that person. This is very, very, very easy. One and two. And very important, again, squeeze the hips and rotate by using your hips and don’t separate your elbow. Okay? Very important.

But before we do that, the most important you have to know that that person has another fist. She can punch me. So how to avoid that? Just by kicking. Kicking straight. Boom. That’s a first move always. Boom. Kicking. Or you can even use the other hand by striking to her face and after that you can do the move. Okay? The same as if she grabs me with the same hand in the mirror. I look in the mirror but before I do that, boom, a quick kick, and then I secure the position, and I do it. So in the more realistic situation will be she grabs me, grab me, boom, that’s it. I have the situation and then I can control to the side. Okay?

So again, boom, and I hit. So I am going to demonstrate by attacking her. It’s very easy. She’s going to it very slow. The first thing is that she’s going to kick at the same time as she looks in the mirror. Exactly. Now, she’s ready and nice, to the side. Okay? Again, do it again. Exactly. She has solid control. Now let’s see if I can do the same by grabbing her wrist. Nice. Kick first and then turn to the side. Kick first and turn to the side. Exactly.

And that’s how you escape a wrist hold.

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