Urban Survival Gear: Scavenger Tool Kit | Complete Packing List

💥 Let’s talk raiding for resources in a post SHFT long term no rule of law situation. First, to be painfully clear, this is a conversation about hypothetical ideas and if you happen to take any of this seriously into current real life, you probably will get injured in the process…so don’t do that 💥

This video is a comprehensive look at my urban survival strategy for acquiring resources which is broken down into two phases: RECON & RAID.

Also included is a depth review of my tool kit and a discussion of the pros/cons of scavenging in an urban survival situation. Indeed there are many other tools to consider that may fit the intended purpose from hammers and screwdrivers to gasoline siphon kits and more.

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➡️ Urban Survival Gear Packing List:
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Recon Phase: 1:21
Raid Phase: 14:50
Foundational Tools: 25:40
Mission Specific Addons
– Water Addon: 35:11
– Recon Addon: 37:18
– Breaching Addon: 39:08
– Hunting/Fishing Addon: 42:21
– Trauma Med Addon: 44:10

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