17th Century Highlander Expedition Equipment -Tried & Tested Historical Survival kit

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(1)- “In a Highlander’s Shoes [4 Day Expedition]- A Story of Survival, History & Land [SHORT FILM]”-
(2)- “Highlander Survival Equipment, 17th Century- Tried and Tested. Full Rundown- Clothing, Tools, Pack”-
(3)- “Animal Hide Shoes, Traditional to Scotland- Making and Testing | Cuaran, Pampooties, Bog-Shoes” –
(4)- “Rethinking FOOTWEAR for SURVIVAL. Minimalist vs Supportive? +10km run in hand made, DEER SKIN SHOES”-
(5)-“The Great Kilt -ULTIMATE SURVIVAL BLANKET? – Outdoor Clothing & Shelter in ONE Multifunctional Cloth”-
(6)-“Sgian Dubh Survival Knife (Fandabi-Dubh). History and Philosophy Behind the Design”-
(7)-“HIGHLAND DIRK. The ULTIMATE TEST. Survival Tool, Weapon, History, and Culture”-
(8)-“My Scottish Historical Knife Collection + Sgian Dubh Survival Knife Prototype”-
(9)-“ Scottish Basket-hilted Broadsword Test Cutting + Practice Sparring”-
(10)-“Highlander Methods of Carry. Plaid (Great Kilt), Bed Roll and Other Traditional”-
(11)-“Hide Tanning- Traditional Scottish Methods & Peat Bog Survival Uses”-
(12)-“The STAFF. Multipurpose, Self-defence, Survival Tool (Scottish History and Myth)”-
(13)-“Deserted Island 2 day Solo Survival trip, Malaysia”-
(14)-“ Spearfishing Survival Trip, Canary Islands”-
(15)-“Solo Survival Trip. Scotland”-
(16)-“Making OATCAKES on a Fire (Highlander Trekking Food, Wild Edibles)”-
(17)-“Historical, Catch & Forage CAMPFIRE COOKING + Experimental Recipes. Scottish Summer by the Sea”-
(18)-“Highlander Overnight Camp, Foraging and Medicinal Plants (Gaelic Plant Names, Ancestral Survival)”-
(19)-“Making a Ram Horn WHISKY FLASK (Traditional Highlander Whiskey Carry)”-
(20)-“HIGHLANDER OVERNIGHT BUSHCRAFT CAMP (Ghost of our Ancestors)”-

(1)- “Road to Stornaway” by Shores of Pangea

(2)-“Ye Ride So” by Jamie Keddie (Bard and Skald) from the Album “An Tuagh”
Find the full Album here:
(3)-“ Tor Sgudal” by Henry Fosbrooke, from the Album “Mighty tree”
Henry’s page:
recorded by: Martin Stephenson
(4) “A Matter of Time” (piano) by Adam J Marler
Adam’s Facebook and Soundcloud:

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