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Here’s the defense against a tackle in a street fight. As shown in the video, you want to lower your center of gravity in order to prevent your attacker from tackling you. Your footwork is also very important against a tackle attempt.

If your attacker manages to grab one of your legs, you will need to fight back quickly to avoid getting slammed to the ground. A great tactic is to grab the head of your attacker and twist it as he is trying to take you down. You need to try keeping your balance by lowering your center of gravity and spreading your feet all while neck cranking your opponent.

If your attacker manages to grab both of your legs, this becomes a much scarier situation. It might go so quickly that your chances of hitting the ground are pretty high. If you are in this situation try to neck crank your attacker or eye gouge him as quickly as you can.

Note that if you do fall to the ground – make sure to strike your attacker while going down. You need to create as much damage as you can at any moment of the altercation. If you fall to the ground always continue to fight back!

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