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Dehydrating Potatoes for Prepper's Food Storage Using Excalibur Dehydrator :)

If you score a good deal on some produce but can’t eat it all before it goes bad then dehydrating it may just work for you 🙂 I am a prepper and often dehydrate extra produce.

Today I am dehydrating potatoes using 3 methods of cuts:

1. Slicing
2, Dicing
3. Shredding

Any dehydrator will work 🙂 I am using the Excalibur dehydrator here which is a favorite among preppers and raw fooders. It is high capacity and has a timer and a temperature setter.
Dehydrating foods is very easy. The important thing to be careful of is to make absolutley sure the food is completely dehydrated when finished or you might get mold.
I store my dehydrated foods in either a glass mason jar or mylar ziplock bag both with oxygen absorbers. This is to extend the shelf life of the food even longer 🙂

I appreciate any comments or insights or tips anyone has to offer 🙂 Please feel free to post below 🙂 And now on with the show….A Woman and Her Potatoes…”

To your health, longevity and peace of mind,
The Healthy Prepper 🙂

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