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TOP 6 Best .22 LR Pistols for Self Defense – Madman Review

Shooters have been relying on the .22 pistol for a very long time. We reviewed the reasons to use a .22 for defense, plinking, and target shooting:

✅ 1. Heritage Rough Rider .22
✅ 2. Walther P22 QD
✅ 3. Smith & Wesson SW-22 Victory
✅ 4. Browning Buckmark Standard URX
✅ 5. Ruger Mark IV
✅ 6. Ruger GP-100 .22

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.22 Long Rifle has a wide variety of applications such as plinking, hunting, practicing, targeting shooting. In fact, it works pretty well in a self-defense situation too. We have already discussed .22LR rifles, so today we just look at the pistols.

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