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Self Defense Story Every Gun Owner Needs to Watch

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This is a self defense story every gun owner needs to watch! The U.S. Concealed Carry Association is dedicated to educating Americans about safe, responsible gun ownership. With more than 5 million Americans having purchased their first gun during the turmoil of 2020, this mission has never been more important.

Reality Check Milwaukee

The USCCA held a conference of self-defense and civil rights advocates at the first pop-up Reality Check event on August 6, 2021. Host Katrina Cravy introduced five speakers who shared the touching — and sometimes horrifying — real-life experiences that led them on their journey to responsible gun ownership. This is a must watch video for gun owners and aspiring gun owners!

00:00 Introduction by host Katrina Cravy.
00:30 Introduction of “Top Shot” champion Chris Cheng.
01:13 Introduction of self-defense instructor and sex trafficking surviror, Kendra Geronimo.
01:37 Introduction of USCCA author and Concealed Carry Magazine Associate Editor, Beth Alcazar.
02:08 Introduction of women’s advocate and domestic abuse survivor Jennifer Moston.
02:41 Introduction of self-defense and civil rights advocate Aaargo Jay.
03:06 Jay tells the story of a late-night confrontation with an armed group.
07:49 Chris Cheng discusses his childhood and his decision to try out for “Top Shot.”
13:59 Cheng on how the Second Amendment affects Asian Americans in today’s society.
16:09 Chris Cheng urges gun owners to “come out of the gun closet” and serve as positive examples to offset negative stereotypes.
17:43 USCCA’s Beth Alcazar relives a terrifying situation with an armed gunman at her daughter’s middle school in Alabama.
21:45 Beth Alcazar on diversity: “In 2021, there is no ‘typical’ gun owner!”
22:36 When Kendra Geronimo saw her sex traficker on a TV special, it opened old wounds that led her to be proactive about personal defense.
25:50 Kendra’s advice: Train how you carry every day and make sure your children know the real facts about personal safety.
27:10 Kendra’s closing thoughts: Arm yourself with knowledge and real-world training.
29:06 Jennifer Moston shares her story of surviving domestic abuse and what it’s like counting down the days until her abuser is released from prison.
31:52 Jennifer reminds us all that most gun owners are good people.

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