Lost Hiker Wilderness Survival Kit! – A Kit for All Outdoorsmen!

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Thousands of hikers go missing in National Forests every year. Most are rescued within 24 hours. Some hikers survive weeks in the wild while, unfortunately, some never come home. The vast majority of missing hikers end up that way because they get lost. Always be prepared to spend a night or 72 hours, maybe longer, in the wilderness if you find yourself in this situation. To do this, pack a survival kit and know how to use it. Enjoy!

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Warning: use survival and medical items for their intended uses. Always practice safe wilderness skills.

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Roaring Fire Gear Slingshot Slingpack:

Mora Clipper:

Leatherman Wave:

Swiss Army knife:

Compass Suunto A-10:

Rite in the Rain Notebook:


Thermal Blanket Orange:

Red 550 Paracord:

CAT Tourniquet:


Chem Light:

Orange Drum Liners:

Black Diamond Headlamp:

Military Signal Mirror:

Clear Drum Liners:

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