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Ranking Self Defense Martial Arts Weapons | BEST WEAPON TIER LIST Icy Mike Hard2Hurt

If you’ve ever wondered what the best weapon is for self defense.. You’re in luck! Icy Mike from Hard2Hurt and I teamed up to create a Best Martial Arts Tier LIST and we ranked weapons on their usefulness like Self Defense like Kubaton, Escrima, Olight Flashlight, Stinger Tactical Whips, Swords, Ninja Stars (Shuriken), Empty Hands, Tonfas, Rocks, Steel Chairs, Pepper Spray, Buckler Shield, and more!

Here is where you can follow Icy Mike for more awesome weapons hard2hurt breakdowns:

Here is where you can find some of the self defense tools we talked about

Olight Flashlight:

Stinger Tactical Whip:

Pepper Spray:

Buckler Shield:


Tactical Pen (Kubaton that writes lol)

Ryan Hoovers Aperture Self Defense Umbrella


And now more random stuff I put at the end of every video!


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