How to Make an Advanced Survival Kit!

Advanced Survival Kit! Good survivalists and inventive people look for ways to improve upon already existing equipment, processes, designs, etc. to make things better! Here are methods and techniques to improve upon survival kit components adhering to the “7 Priorities of Survival.” This gives us the materials and items to take a Basic Survival Kit and make it an Advanced Survival Kit. In the hands of a knowledgeable Survivalist, this Kit can be the Ultimate Survival Kit! Enjoy!

WARNING: Get Medical Training before using medical devices or techniques designed to save lives. Improper use could lead to injury or death.

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Mora Companion HD:

Ferro Rod:

550 Paracord:

Grabber Thermal Blanket:

Orange Drum Liners:

Canteen Cup:

Nalgene Canteen:

Silva Ranger Compass:

Ranger Pace Beads:

Illumination Paper:

Grayl Water Filter:

CAT Tourniquet:

Israeli Bandage:

Combat Gauze:

HyFin Chest Seal:

Fox 40 Whistle:

Sewing Kit:

Fresnel Lens:

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