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Why You Should Use An AR-15 For Self Defense

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Why should you use an AR-15 rifle for self defense? In this educational video, U.S. Concealed Carry Director of Content Kevin Michalowski explains why he thinks “America’s favorite firearm” makes the perfect tool for responsibly armed Americans to defend their families and their homes. The AR-15’s ease-of-use, large magazine capacity and versatility make it a solid choice.

00:00 Does anyone need an AR-15?
00:40 The AR-15 as a defensive tool.
00:50 What does the “AR” stand for in AR-15?
01:04 How many Americans own AR-15s?
01:22 The AR-15 for home defense.
02:30 Is 5.56mm ammo too powerful to use inside a home?
04:39 Tips for safely deploying an AR-15 as a home-defense tool.
04:55 Is the AR-15 rifle too large and unwieldy for use inside a home?
05:08 How much ammo does the standard AR-15 magazine hold?
05:32 How to reload an AR-15.
05:59 Is it OK to use an optical sight on your AR-15?
06:30 Is an AR-15 difficult to operate?
06:56 What are the downsides of using an AR-15 for home defense?
07:38 So, do you need an AR-15?
08:32 Why would anyone need a 30-round magazine for home defense?

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