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Tips on a portable Stove Off grid, Corona Survival, Prepper, Storm Emergency – PARTS BELOW

The Cooker List or Just the Best Stove made – Propane Adapter for stove – Coleman Gemini Propane Power Pack HIT SHOW MORE —
Straight 12 foot Long hose regulator –
Coleman Gemini Propane Power Pack ,MORE Odd Propane PARTS, Cheapest at & also Be sure to get the re-fillers & for both types of propane tank valves POL and QCC1.
#1 Prepper Survivalist Stove
Angle 12 foot long hose regulator –
Propane Tank (if you need one} –
Propane Refill Adapter ( Just in case) –
Adapter to 1 lb tanks (awesome) –
Bulk pack 1 lb tanks –

Now, you have numerous options on having some emergency heat, cooking and security in case of bad times, storms, or even just camping or tiny home design needs. Be careful with using gas indoors, Propane is safe as long as you let a little outside air in and vent it somewhere else to prevent fumes from getting stuck inside.
When I get my new 4 burner to replace the one I sold I will do a video on it also. They are really worth your effort.

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