Top 9 Multitools and Survival Gear that Come in Handy on Any Camping Trip

In general knowledge, a multitool is a piece of pocket-size gear that combines endless array of features for any life occasion. However, today this designing approach was transitioned to other items as well, so now we are seeing multiuse axes, shovels, credit card sized survival kits and key chain accessories that can become your reliable companions on any camping trip or just a regular day away from the toolbox. In this episode of #MustSeeTech we will demonstrate to you the newest inventions that can easily replace an entire shed worth of equipment while fitting in your pocket or a backpack at most!

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0:45 #1 Zunelotoo Wolf Thorn:

Store Link:

Zunelotto is the Chinese brand that produces affordable but hardcore survival gear, that has lots of chances to pop up in some criminal report as a killer’s weapon. Their latest creation is a mini 12.5 inches camping shovel Wolf Thorn.

1:50 #2 MRF Multitools Adventur and Extreme 3.0

Store Link:

Chances that to get lost completely unprepared in the middle of nowhere are rather slim, but for the piece of mind it won’t hurt to always have a credit card-sized survival kit in your wallet. The products manufactured by the MRF Multitools offer just such a solution.

3:03 #3 Off-Grid Tool Survival Axe:

Store Link:

Claimed to be the ultimate outdoor multitool, the Off-Grid Tool Survival Axe can serve as an axe, hammer, saw, nail claw or a bottle opened, so it virtually replaces half of the tools in your toolbox.

4:08 #4 Leatherman Free Collection:

Store Links: (Leatherman Free P Series) (Leatherman Free K Series) (Leatherman Free T Series)

Leatherman is the original multitool brand that launched its first product to the market back in 1983. The new Free Collection is among the brand’s most innovative products as it uses a revolutionary magnetic system, enabling one-hand opening and use of each tool.

5:13 #5 Adventure Mate V2:

Store Link:

2020 Adventure Mate V2 is a second generation of the Australian-designed and US-made 5-in-1 multitool, that is currently on Kickstarter.

6:28 #6 Gerber Gear ComplEat:
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Designed to make sure you won’t forget the most necessary utensils for your camp-set kitchen at home, the ComplEat from the Oregon-based brand Gerber Gear combines a sturdy fork, a deep-basin spoon and a spatula in one package.

7:30 #7 Zune Lotoo Smilodon Shovel:

At the first glance, the super shovel Zune Lotoo Smilodon looks nothing like a tool to dig holes, its resemblance is much closer to a medieval weapon halberd and a very deadly at that.

8:48 #8 SOL PHOENIX:

Store Link:

SOL PHOENIX weighs just 7 ounces and incorporates eight survival tools, bringing our understanding of portability and functionality to a whole new level.

9:38 #9 Rhinokey:

Designed to be used with one hand, the Rhinokey is a compact key organizer with everyday multitool functions and a built-in LED.

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