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Non-Food Prepper Items Tour | Must Have Supplies for Preppers

It is time for my non food prepper items tour!! I hope you get some ideas on some non food prepping items to stock up on. We have been preparing for years, so your supply of medical preps may not be as big as mine. It is all about stocking slow and steady on the things that your family will need in the upcoming months. I stock for others, not just me and Mr Biggs. I feel like these are some of the must have supplies for preppers. If you have a chance and the money in your budget, it is a great idea to try and stockpile some of these medical supplies for your family now while they are abundant.


0:34 Let’s get to work
0:52 Starting the tour
1:41 Supplements
2:47 Bathroom Products
3:32 Dog Cameo
3:48 Lighting and Candles
4:29 Pet Products
5:42 Paper Products
6:30 Medical Preps
12:28 Top Shelf Tour
13:56 Give away reminder
14:06 Essential Oils Tour
16:06 Cleaning Products
18:11 Seeds & Fall Garden Plans
19:58 Life is an Adventure

Welcome to Our Biggs Adventure! My name is Cynthia. Come with me as I enjoy this journey called life. I will take you along with me in the kitchen, the garden and beyond! Mr Biggs and I are empty nesters, our sons are grown and out on their own. I am100% gluten free, mostly paleo and 90% dairy free. (nobody is perfect, lol) I am in long term addiction recovery with over 12 years of sobriety.

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Disclaimer: My videos are for entertainment purposes only. I recommend that you follow the USDA guidelines for canning and food preservation. Also the Ball Blue Book for Canning is a valuable resource for all food preservation. You can purchase that book here:

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