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10 Self Defense Gadgets That Will Protect You

Keeping yourself safe should be everyone’s top priority, and unfortunately, many of us have to resort to self-defense gadgets to do so. Thankfully, self-defense gadgets are getting smarter, safer, and more efficient, and in this video, we’ll be going through some of them. From the bulletproof and stab-proof vest that can protect you from any situation to the bowtie alarm system for children, to the Lil Tucker, an all-in-one gadget for all of your self-defense needs. Here are 10 Self Defense Gadgets That Will Protect You:

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12. Cat Keychain-
11. Coin Claw-
10. Llama Pepper Spray -
9. Cane Sword-
8. Body Armor-
7. Spiked Stun Gun -
6. Pen Gun-
5. Bracelet Pepper Spray -
4. Comb Knife-
3. The Lil Tucker-
2. Bow2Tie-
1. Cigarette Knife -

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