How to Grow Pumpkins From Seed – Step By Step

Growing plants from pumpkin seeds

Pumpkins and squash are easy to plant and grow from seed, they are rewarding and with many varieties, you can grow some great tasting ones. Seeds germinate easily and we show you how to speed up germination as well.

You may aslo be interested in how to pollinate pumpkins by hand – see the video

A Quick Note on Fertiliser for Pumpkins

• It is actually best to fertilise with high nitrogen fertilisers before planting.
• After the vines develop, and before flowering, keep away from high nitrogen
fertilisers as this can cause the female flowers to fail.
• Once the flowers appear use a high phosphorus fertiliser low nitrogen.
• As the fruits appear use a high potassium fertiliser

Fertilisers are identified by NPK values – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). So a balanced fertiliser will be labeled 10:10:10 (equal parts of the three elements) For each stage you want the number for the appropriate element to be higher than the other two.

Planting Pumpkins and squash seeds is the same for all types, in this video we show you how we plant two varieties Potimarron and Galeux d’ eysines.

Below are the steps we outline in the video

1.Pumpkins are best planted in full sun.
2.You can grow them in containers and let them trail over the edge.
3.Pumpkins like its of nutrients, good rich soil is best.
4.Seeds are best planted directly into the ground, you can soak them first in lukewarm water for slightly faster gemination, and often better germination rates.
5.Wait until the soil begins to warm up in spring before planting.
6.If you hill up the soil a little it will warm up a little more quickly.
7.Seeds are planted at around 3 cm deep (1 inch)
8.Germination will take around 5 – 8 days in good conditions.
9.Larger growing types should be planted at least 1.5 metres apart. (5ft)
Smaller types can be closer.
10.Use a high nitrogen fertiliser around 3 weeks after seed germination.
11.After that use a seaweed / fish emulsion fertiliser or pellets..
12.Water well , especially once they start to flower.
13. As the fruit forms you can lift it and sit it on a piece of wood or similar to prevent the base from getting to wet.
14. Wait until the skin changes colour before harvesting.
The skin should be hard.
15.Leave a stem, or handle on the pumpkin when you harvest it.
16. Sit the pumpkin in the sun for 5 – 7 days after harvesting to cure.
Store in a cool dry position.

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