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NYC bodega owner arrested for self defense CLEARED on all charges: GOOD!

Original video:
NYC District Attorney’s memo dissected piece by piece:
Reason article:
NY Post photo of Jose Alba:
New York Times article:

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Retractions from prior video – correcting errors
01:45 – Watching the footage
02:30 – They “don’t understand” how it’s ok to take an unarmed man’s life
03:01 – Let’s look at Jose Alba
03:35 – Would this criminal have been a bully to someone his own size/age?
04:20 – Louis clarifies the bro code
04:57 – Louis says the quiet part out loud
05:05 – Eric Adams says the quiet part out loud – good on Eric Adams!
06:04 – Mr. Simon didn’t “deserve” to die
06:55 – Reason hits the nail on the head
07:44 – Let’s read & interpret New York law
09:28 – In sane parts of the US, they would’ve thrown Jose a parade.
09:57 – If you want stores to open in your neighborhood, you have to stop simping for the criminal
10:08 – If Simon didn’t deserve to get stabbed for hitting Jose, then why does Jose deserve to be assaulted because he non-violently took back a bag of potato chips?
10:55 – Were these pleasant people?
11:46 – Bodega owners are routinely treated horribly
12:18 – Simon has a boxcutter and this…makes it better?
13:14 – I guarantee people simping for the criminal haven’t bee on Jose’s end of this story before.
13:36 – Conclusion

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