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Get Prepared Now: Prepper Food

This is a quick summary of all the things I have done to prepare for future problems like power outages, hurricanes and beyond. Links to detailed videos and the stuff I use are listed below:

Detailed Videos:
1. Prepper shelves:
2. Roll rack:
3. Pantry tour:
4. Freezer:
5. Vacuum sealer:
6. Mountain House:
7. Freeze Dryer:
8. Starting a garden:
9. Drip irrigation:
10. Kubota:
11. Canning:
12. Chicken Coop:

Food related stuff I use:
1. FoodSaver V4440:
2. FoodSaver Jar Kit:
3. Freeze Dryer:
4. Canner:
5. Kettle:
6. Canning Kit:
7. French Fry Cutter:
8. Vacuum Sealer:
9. French Fryer:
10. Pot Filler:
11. Rice maker:

WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Generator:
WGen7500DF Duel Fuel Generator:
WGen7500 Generator:
Home Standby Switch:
Reliance Transfer Switch:
Generac Transfer Switch:
30 Amp Cord:
30 Amp Inlet Box:
50 Amp Cord:
50 Amp Inlet box:
Kill A Watt Meter:

Guide to selecting a backup generator:

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