Are Preppers Low Class? Do Preppers Really Eat Road Kill?

Rob & Sherry, talk about “Are Preppers Low Class? Do Preppers Really Eat Road Kill?”, in this episode.
Learn To Grow Food, Homestead, Garden & Preserve Food and be Self Reliant. Happiness Will Come!
Rob and Sherry are working on becoming more self reliant homesteaders, in Central Oregon. Join us!
Lots of Gardening, Hydroponics, Grow Towers, Floating Rafts, Dutch Buckets, Raising Chickens, and animal pet projects, while working our Central Oregon, 5 acres Homestead, into a special place to live.
Our channel also supports Prepping, Food Preservation, Good Eating Habits, and Conventional Gardening.
Also see how Rob and Sherry manage Care Giving for their aging Mother.
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