Quake Kits 72-Hour Two Person Survival Kit Review

Quake Kits have hit the market with a strong contender for the mid grade survival kit. Check out this review.
Check out this prep, survival, and bugout playlist:

Check out the kit here:

Supplement Items:
Benchmade Bushcrafter:
Benchmade Adamas:
550 Cord:
Contractor bags:
Leatherman MUT:

Officially join the Battalion to get access to perks:

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Business Inquiries:
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Camera Gear I Use:
Sony Fx3 –
Sony a6600 –
Sony 35mm GM –
Sigma 16mm Lens –
Tamron 11-20mm –
Atomos Ninja V Monitor –

Audio Gear:
Mix Pre6 II Audio Interface –
Electro-voice RE20 –
Rode NTG-5 –
Stellar X2 Vintage –
Rode PSA1 Boom Arm –
XLR Cables –

Falcon Eyes RX-24TD II –
Falcon Eyes RX-12TD –

Check out the items I use:

00:00 Intro
00:19 Bag Intro and Company Information
01:57 Deciding on How to Order the Kit
03:14 Outside of Bag
07:15 Inside the Bag
20:34 Pricing
21:20 Pros
23:31 Cons
26:23 Recommendation
27:01 Supplemental Recommendations
31:55 Wrap-up

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