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Bagua Self-Defense Basic Skills – Uproot with Pakua Fighting Skill

Bagua self defense basic skills – uproot — A short clip from a new DVD by Sifu Ken Gullette on the basic building blocks of Bagua self-defense. Fighting with Bagua is like any other martial art. You start with the basics and progress through concepts and techniques, practicing them over and over. Bagua is also spelled Pa Kua — some people think Pa Kua fighting or self-defense involves circle walking. That’s a misunderstanding. Learning to fight with Bagua involves using correct body mechanics and simple techniques and principles. The DVD – Basic Building Blocks of Bagua Self-Defense — is one hour and forty minutes long. It’s available on Ken’s websites at or his membership site at There are three basic goals in Bagua self-defense — Uproot, Unbalance, and Control the Center. This short clip from the DVD has one of the examples for uprooting.

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