I Played 100 Days in Minecraft and Built a lot of Cool Stuff!!!

In today’s video we’re going to play Minecraft for 100 Days!!! This video concept is inspired by @Luke TheNotable​

This took a very long time to complete the 100 Days of Minecraft challenge. My goal was to build as many awesome things as I could within the 100 Minecraft Survival Days!! We build a simple survival starter house, a mine entrance, nether portal, crop fields, small barn, a storage building with a wizard tower enchanting room attached, a light house and much more… Along the way we fought mobs, died a few times, rescued some villagers and had some pets to keep us company!!


► World Seed: 203553945843977667

► Base Coords: 19 / 64 / -434

► Jerm’s Better Leaves Add-on –

► Fresh Animations Resource Pack:


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