Multi-millionaire opens 1,500-acre 'survivalist' farm bunker to shelter 100 people from coronavirus

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For any copyright, please send me a message. A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE “survivalist” who purchased a post-apocalyptic 1,500 acre farm in Norfolk said his plans now look “very attractive” in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in Britain.  Tech tycoon Peter Dawe, 65, bought the “survive and thrive” farm shortly after selling the UK’s first commercial internet service provider, Pipex, in 1995 for £150 million. ⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates  Since then, the Brexit Party candidate has been transforming the farm into a “self-sustainable” community for like-minded “survivalists” – in the event of society crumbling.  Mr Dawe said he gives it six months before his plans “start to look very attractive”.  He said: “The bunker is certainly justifying its insurance policy.  “I haven’t moved up there, but the current situation is making me more wary – I’m not having any more appointments, and I’ve cancelled all meetings in London.  “I’m 65, so my risk profile is high. I don’t want to risk catching it.  “It is very concerning. But I’m not panicking – I’m prepared.  “For the most part, the preparation has been gentle and slow – but we did crank up the efforts just before all this blew up.  “The farm at the moment can survive indefinitely without the outside world…although I am talking early Victorian levels of comfort.”  In a previous interview, he said: “If you’re going to survive, what sort of survival do you want? I want to live in a community that works nicely. Not to stand in a castle shooting people.”  The entrepreneur said he was most concerned about the economic impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic.  He said: “It has the potential to be awful…a lot worse than anything we’ve seen since the 1930s.  “It’s likely to happen in three waves. First, it will hit third-world countries that are manufacturing countries, then it will hit places that depend on oil revenues. The third wave will be countries that supply minerals to China.  “We have already made sure all our stores and supplies are as they should be.”  Currently, the farm has five houses, with two in need of restoration, and Mr Dawe has already gained planning permission for three more.  There is also a local water pumping station and a portable water storage reservoir serving more 50,000 people. The farm even has two private boreholes.  The project, called Beat the Bear, boasts an orchard, flour mill, solar panels, and livestock. A community garden to grow fruit and vegetables is also in the pipeline.  His plan is to house his immediate family and friends – around 30 people – for free and start offering paid-for-places, based on subscriptions, to 120 more.  He said ten families have already been chosen to move in but is surprised m

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