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Self Defense against a Wrist Grab

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In this video, we demonstrate self-defense tips against a wrist grab. Unfortunately, wrist grabs are part of confrontations. It’s a common thing, that attackers do to their victim to overpower them be in command.

It’s even more frequent towards women. Men attack women often by grabbing the wrist of their victim for a better control.

If you follow the steps in this self-defense video, you can learn how to get out of this unpleasant situation quickly by striking back with power.

A good to way escape a wrist grab is to immediately strike the face or throat of your attacker with your free hand as soon as you feel that your arm or wrist has been grabbed.

Don’t wait too long, because you don’t want your attacker to overpower and control you. You need to act quickly and remember to strike back immediately.

You can also escape the wrist grab by rotating your arm away simply by going against the thumb. You roll off your arm to free your wrist from the grab.

We hope that you enjoyed these self defense tips.

Thanks for watching and stay safe.

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