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Larry Wick began his training in the martial arts more than 40 years ago. Wick, a veteran instructor and high-ranked Tang Soo Do black belt from Alaska, sat on the World Tang Soo Do Karate Association board of directors and was ranked as a fifth-dan international instructor before his unfortunate passing in 2016.

Larry Wick gives us some tips on hand to hand fighting. History’s proven that knives kill five times as many people as guns, making hand to hand combat an imperative source of information for street survival. Hand to hand combat is one of the oldest arts of war.

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For over 30 years Threat Response Solutions and have been dedicated to teaching average people quick learn self defense techniques that actually work in a real life street fight. Our instruction works against larger, stronger, more aggressive opponents. To do this we’ve sought out the most experienced combat experts in the world, guys whose lives depend on their techniques actually working. Our instructors include former US and Israeli Special Forces soldiers, cage fighters, notorious street fighters, bar-room bouncers, and grizzled beat cops. If you want to learn from the best most experienced fighters in the world you are in the right place.

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