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Making And Canning Fresh Chunky Salsa/Alabama Prepper

Canning Chunky Salsa In Pint Jars. Using Fresh Vegetables To Help Stock Our Pantry. Using A Water Bath Canner So Easy. If You Don’t Hsve A Water Bath Canner Use A Stock Pot And Boiler That Will Cover The Jars 2 Inches.

Be Sure To Add A Little Height In Whatever You Can In Jars Cannot Process On The Bottom Of A Canner They Will Brust.

Make Sure Your Jars Are Clean, Put Them In Hot Boiling Water To Sterilize For At Leat 10 Minutes. Boil Your Flats And Lid.

20-25 Roma Tomatoes Diced
4 LG Onions Chopoed
3-4 LG Bell Peppers Chopped
3-4 Jalapeno Peppers, Seed Removed Chopped
4-5 Cloves Garlic Mince
2-3 Tbs Fresh Cilanto Chopped Fined
1Cup White Vinegar
2 Tbs Salt

Combined All Ingredients Simer For 10 Minutes Or Until Thick

Fill Hot Jars, Debubble, Wipe Jar Rims Screw Lids Just Finger Tight

Place In Water Bath Canner, Bring To A Boil And Boil For 20 Minutes, For Pints. 25 Minutes For Quarts. Adding 1/4 Cup Vinegar To The Water Will Keep Jars From Being Cloudy.

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