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Will EATING EXPIRED FOOD KILL YOU? | Organizing the Prepper Pantry

Can eating expired food kill you? Probably not, if it is stored properly. Let me show you how I store my gluten free prepper pantry foods in this prepper pantry organizing and rotation video. Rudy  @Alaska Prepper  reviewed an article recently published in the Bangor Daily News about home canned foods. While I put my grocery hauls away, I decided to give my thoughts on it. I put away 4 major hauls, rotate and organize my #prepperpantry. I rotated all my stock and checked my cans to make sure everything was safe for us to consume. If you are going to have a long term pantry, this is a must to ensure all the food is free from pests, sealed and ready to eat.

0:00 Let’s get to work
0:43 The Dark Side of Prepping-Messes
1:39 Can eating expired food kill you?
3:45 Mid way check in
4:21 Checking seals on home canning
5:27 My opinion on the article
6:31 The skinny part of the pantry
7:21 How to rotate your cans
8:27 Beans and Charcoal
8:44 Finding a broken seal
10:35 Rotating Potato Chips
11:44 Pet Food Rotation
14:47 Project Pasta
16:09 Pretty Pantry Tour
19:39 Life is an Adventure

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Bangor Daily News Article:

Healthy Canning Article:


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