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Smart Self-Defense

See the TASER Pulse+ in action and learn about how it integrates with Noonlight, a safety platform that wirelessly connects your device to your phone, to connect you to emergency dispatch as soon as the device is triggered.

When a user deploys the TASER Pulse+, Noonlight is notified and contacts emergency services to send help to the user’s location using real-time GPS tracking provided through the Noonlight mobile application. Once paired and Emergency Response is toggled “On”, the TASER Pulse+ is connected 24/7, even if your Noonlight app is closed. The TASER Pulse+ is capable of delivering neuro-muscular incapacitation from a distance of 15 feet or less, causing involuntary muscle contraction during the 30 second cycle.

If used in self-defense and left at the scene, the TASER Pulse+ may be replaced free of charge under Axon’s Safe Escape Product Replacement Guarantee. The Pulse+ is legal to carry in most states and retails for $449. Visit to learn more.

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