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Today, most food products are labelled with a “best by” date, but did you know that doesn’t necessarily mean they will expire after that date?!
Some foods will stay good indefinitely as long as they are stored correctly (yep that’s right even if they are labelled with a “best by” date!)

So in this video, we are going to discuss “Prepper : 15 Foods That Will Never Expire | Food Shortages” The video is going to be amazing and you’ll be surprised at number 3 in our list, so make sure you stick to the end.

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Time Stamps:

Intro: 00:00
15. Honey: 00:57
14. White Vinegar: 01:44
13. Salt: 02:31
12. Pemmican: 03:13
11. Sugar: 03:51
10. Dried beans: 04:38
9. Pure maple syrup: 05:49
8. Whole grains: 06:39
7. Baking Soda: 07:40
6. Instant Coffee: 07:58
5. White Rice: 08:41
4. Powdered Milk: 09:04
3. Dried Pasta: 09:43
2. Coconut Oil: 10:05
1. Stock cubes (boullion cubes): 10:29


15. Honey:
Honey has been part of the human diet for a very, very long time. Archeologists even found honey in the pyramids of the ancient Egyptians that was still edible. Older honey tends to crystalize, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be warmed, stirred up, and enjoyed. Due to the perfect chemistry and handiwork of bees, honey is one food you can trust to last forever.

14. White Vinegar:
White vinegar or vinegar which is usually used in pickles and for South Asian cooking is super acidic. This acidity keeps vinegar from going bad for a long time.

13. Salt:
Given that sodium chloride is a mineral that is taken from the Earth, its permanence should come as no surprise. It has also been used for centuries as a tool for preserving other foods (or bodies) because it removes moisture. The salt in your cupboard may not last forever, though.

12. Pemmican:
Invented by Native American tribes, pemmican is still a favorite of survivalists looking for a long-lasting source of protein. Original recipes included dried meat from big game animals like elk or buffalo, which was ground into a powder and mixed with available berries and rendered fat.

11. Sugar:
Sugar comes in many varieties and whether you have white, brown, or powdered, all will last simply because the sugar will not support bacterial growth. To keep: Place in an airtight container or heavy-duty plastic bag.

10. Dried beans:
Dried beans such as pinto beans, black beans, and lentils can last for up to 30 years. When it comes to everyday cooking, conventional wisdom says that you probably don’t want to store dried beans for longer than a couple of years, and that’s because older beans may never get as tender as freshly harvested beans, no matter how long you cook them.

9. Pure maple syrup:
Pure maple syrup, as well as commercial sugars such as granular sugars and honey, has an irresistible life owing to its shield against any kinds of microbial growth.

8. Whole grains
Surprisingly enough, flour doesn’t last forever. All-purpose flour only has 10 to 15 months before it goes rancid, and wheat flour only lasts six to eight months (although both will keep indefinitely in the freezer). If you want to extend the shelf life to over a decade, you’ll want to invest in a grain mill.

7. Baking Soda:
Baking soda is an important ingredient in many recipes and storing it is key to having it last. To keep: Baking soda, when left sealed, will last indefinitely. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry area.

6. Instant Coffee:
We can only think of a couple of reasons to keep a package of instant coffee on hand: backwoods backpacking trips and doomsday prepping
The coffee extract is then spray-dried using hot air to transform the liquid into a fine powder, or it’s frozen and dried under a vacuum. Either way, once the process is finished, the coffee lacks any water that could lead to spoilage.

5. White Rice:
Researchers have found that white (or polished) rice will maintain its nutrient content and flavor for 30 years when stored in oxygen-free containers at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

For more information, please watch until the end.


For more information, please watch until the end.
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