Rabbit LIVE CATCH in (Real Time!) | Snare, Catch, Cook, Clean Snowshoe Hare!

My son and I catch a snowshoe hare in a snare LIVE, right in front of us! Be sure to write “Full stop” if you watched all the way to the end!

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Experience catching a snowshoe hare (rabbit) in real time with me and my son as I approach and then scare a rabbit into a nearby snare! Food simply doesn’t get any more fresh than this!

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From field to fork!

I will show you how I set snare for rabbit or hare in very difficult snow conditions, hard pack and low snow in blow down areas around thick tree cover. Snaring hares is not difficult, but it took me a couple of years to figure out how to set snares for rabbit. It is key to set snares around well travelled trails in wilderness areas. How to set snares is a vital survival skill that every outdoorsman should know and is a part of wilderness living and living off the land.

Cooking rabbit must be done low and slow, preferably in a large crock pot with other ingredients like potato and carrots to keep the meat tender. Salt, spices and so fat will help break down the muscles of the rabbit and make it more tender. I prefer to cook rabbit well overnight if possible as the meat will relax and break apart when eating.

I will show you how to clean rabbit using only basic hand tools that any survivalist should have with them.

Cleaning rabbit is pretty easy. I prefer to snap the legs off and then cut and remove. Next I split the back open and then pull left and right to remove the skin. Then I’ll pull out the shoulders and arms by pulling near the armpit. After everything is removed, just remove the innards as you would any other small game animal. Rinse the hare in water to remove any hair.


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