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How to Butcher a Goat for the Apocalypse (The Best Prepper Food?) The Bearded Butchers

Picture this – The grocery store is closed, your garden failed, and you still need to eat. Now what? The Bearded Butchers are going to show you how to survive when the time comes. Goat meat is probably zombie apocalypse food at its very best. Goats are already in about 63% of the world, they can eat anything, and they are extremely durable. Get out your apocalypse food supply list and add goat to the top of it.

Turns out, raising goats is the ultimate in prepper food storage. You don’t actually need to store it anywhere! Later on, we’ll be showing you how to dehydrate or otherwise preserve the meat, but today, the best prepper food is going over an open fire to be eaten right away. We’ll be using a Burch Barrel today, but the concept is literally the same for any barrel, or any open fire really. You’ll see that we just hung the meat with wires and let it cook. No electricity required today, this is prepper food preparation at its finest. Just be sure to guard your tools and your goat!

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3:48 – Seth starts to break out the goat haunches to hang over the fire. The goat tenders come out first. The goat being butchered today is a bore goat. The goat hip bone is the last out.
6:27 – One of the haunches get a Bearded Butcher Blend Cajun in Olive Oil sauce mix. The other stays unflavored.
7:39 – We used a Burch Barrel, but this represents an open barrel of any type that could be used the same. Just roast your goat meat over an open fire and it’ll be the same.
10:02 – Next, the front goat shoulders come off in a hurry.
10:44 – On to the goat backstraps next.
12:05 – After the goat backstrap, the goat ribs get cut out next.
13:56 – Several different things can be done with the goat neck, it comes off next and you can decide. A goat neck roast is an idea, we’ll trim it out for ground goat today.
15:00 – Goat shoulder. Seth removes the goat shank to save for a goat shoulder roast and it can further be a goat shoulder blade roast.
17:15 – After Seth explains that a lot of the trimmings will be used for goat jerky, he carves the goat tenderloin.
21:12 – How does goat meat taste? The goat meat taste test!


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