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HUGE RED FLAG | These States are having Winter Blackout | SHTF 2022 Prepper News/Prepping

HUGE RED FLAG | These States are having Winter Blackout | SHTF 2022 Prepper News/Prepping 2
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These states are no longer safe. This winter is going to be a major issue if you live in these certain states. It is because blackouts are coming. Energy producers are warning that these states are going to suffer. They’re going to struggle.
In this video, you will get to know about recent emergency warnings, issued by US government, in specific states of US, amid this SHTF 2022 scenario. If you want to get more videos like this, make sure to subscribe to our channel. Hit the bell icon to get an alert whenever we upload a new video. Let’s get straight to our topic.
These are some of the coldest states in the nation that we have in the United States. This is going to hit hard. do you have your wood stove? Do you have things like that prepared in case you have a winter blackout? Energy producers are warning that there’s going to be rolling winter blackouts, from Natural Gas and energy shortages.

It’s something that you should stock up on, because places like Europe can’t even buy wood stoves anymore. You can get a little one for 300 bucks probably. The last time we checked was a few months ago, but it was around 300 bucks for a small one. You can cook on it. It gives you a lot of value. You’re not restricted by the power company or the energy companies. Let’s get into these different states that are being threatened with blackouts. Energy producers are warning that these states, are going to have potentially massive blackouts this winter. So, you definitely need to be on Red Alert if you live there. Power producers are saying the New England states are under threat, of rolling blackouts. This is Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, are under threat of rolling winter blackouts.

An article on it said that, the Region’s power grid operator ISO New England Inc, has warned that an extremely cold winter could strain the reliability of the grid, and potentially result in the need for Rolling blackouts, to keep electricity supply and demand in balance.
They warn it may shut off. In the UK, they announced the dates of winter blackouts. Certain days, times, sections, and counties were used. Certain days have blackouts. The giant chart explains rolling blackouts this winter. They’re not implementing it yet, but they’re releasing a chart that suggests they will. This is happening in the UK, an industrialized nation. It gives citizens blackout charts. Europe’s energy markets are only beginning to collapse. It’s going to cause a massive strain on the markets in the United States as well because these are Global energy markets that we’re talking about.

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