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Be Prepared⚠️Crisis prevention at home🟠Self-defense, tools, water, accessories and much more -part 2

AIn the second part of my crisis prevention series at home, I would like to show you everything about water, storage, filtering, tools and self-defense!
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your Vanessa

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⬇️ From this video ⬇️

🚩Crisis prevention shop: 220L water bags, radios and camouflage net

🚩r︻╦╤─ – – – 💥Onlineshop for blank guns, airguns & self-defense ̸͆̿͞ ̄̿̄͞ ̿̅͞ ̿̅͞

🚩Water filter Urquelle 👉 150 € discount with the codeVANESSABLANK 👈​

🚩LED LENSER 15% discount with Vanessa15

🔺 Self defence🔺

✅Piexon pepper pistol JPX

✅Guardian Angel II


✅Stihl big Motorsaw

✅Stihl Motorsaw small

✅Leatherman red

✅Leatherman black

✅Tops Fieldcraft knive


✅Surveillance Camera / House


✅Grayl Waterfilter

✅LifeStraw Waterfilter

✅Sawyer mini Waterfilter

✅Micropur Water desinfection

✅20L canister

✅Barrel for storage

✅Submersible pump


✅power generator🚩Surao🚩

✅Bluetti Powerstation 4096Wh with 3 PV200 200W Solarpanel

✅Ecoflow Powerstation 2016 Wh with 400 W Solarpanel


✅Multiple plug

✅Extension cable

✅12x socket cube with USB charging option



✅Solar light cube

✅Petromax Latern Set

✅Petrolium for Latern

✅Solar lamps interior

✅Power Lantern

✅Solar radiator

✅Gas lamp Campinggas

✅Gaslampen essay


15% discount with: vanessa15



✅Hand lamp spotlight

✅Handlamp small


✅Lamp searchlight


⚠️1. aid, medicine

✅Rescue backpack filled

✅First aid kit large

⚠️Heating, cooking, fire

✅kerosene stove🚩Surao

✅Petroleum for stove🚩Surao

✅gas heating

✅My kitchen oven

✅CO Warner


✅Campinggas stove

✅Loki tent oven

✅rocket furnace

✅Petromax fire can

✅Pocket warmer

⚠️Fire extinguisher

✅fire extinguisher big 6kg

✅fire extinguisher small

✅fire extinguisher small 3 Set

✅Fire blanket


✅Taf Case

✅Barrel for storage

✅Aluminum box set large

✅Wooden boxes

⬇️Other crisis prevention products⬇️

✅Cheap sleeping bags

✅Wildlife camera

✅Eneloop Accus

✅Accu charger

✅Night vision device


✅Army blanket

⚠️These are so-called affiliate links. If you buy one of these products, I get a fraction of the sales. This does not include any disadvantages or additional costs for you!

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