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Prepper Pantry Clean with Me! Organizing Emergency Food Storage Preps – Freeze Dried Friday's (FDF)

Prep with Me April 2021! Clean with me! This cleaning or organizing session was inspired by my Costco shopping grocery haul. Decluttering and organizing preps can be a daunting task. Although I’d love to take some time off just to clean and organize everything, I️ have to fit it in where I️ can. Come along to clean with me, prep with me, and organize your preps with me.

It’s not always fun to clean and organize your prepper pantry alone. Let’s do emergency food storage prepping organization together. Including some tips and trips for prepping where you are at in the available space to you. Reorganizing and rotating preps is important to keep them in order and rotated properly to avoid expired foods and ensure it all gets used while it’s still on the fresh tasty side. Prepping in the urban city for natural catastrophe or market down turn or recession. Freeze Dried Friday’s.


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