3500 ft. SUPER Thrower – Thrunite Catapult Pro Review

3500 ft. SUPER Thrower – Thrunite Catapult Pro Review
Hey, everyone! Today we brought to you a comprehensive review of one of the finest thrower flashlight on the market – the Thrunite Catapult Pro.

✅1. ThruNite Catapult Pro Rechargeable Flashlight, SFT70 LED, 1005 Meters Throw, 2713 High Lumens Bright Searchlight
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Thrunite is a common name these days in the flashlight world. They have been in business a long time and have firmly established a strong footing in the market. One way they’ve done this is by making high-quality products at an affordable price, and every Thrunite light I’ve tested has been solidly built with respectable performance while being very user-friendly.
Although a lot of nice lights have rolled out of the Thrunite camp, one of the popular ones is their Catapult compact thrower flashlight. And for this year Thrunite has released another Catapult: THE PRO.
The Catapult Pro is a compact thrower flashlight. With a head a bit bigger than a C8 and a fat-stubby 26650-size body, it’s too big for everyday carry, but will happily ride in a jacket or cargo pocket.
Once again, Thrunite has listened to their consumers and addressed those complaints and suggestions in the only way they know how: with a redesigned flashlight. The Catapult series have fit a special niche in the flashlight hierarchy as compact, high output, long-throw pocket lights. The original Catapult was a great performer and loved by regular consumers and enthusiasts. The updated SST70 Catapult offered quite a bit more output, but much to the chagrin of Catapult faithful’s, deviated from the one metric that the Catapult was praised for; throw. Enter the Catapult Pro. Thrunite not only kept the high output of the SST70, but bumped the candela…a lot. Has this tweaking restored the Catapult to its former glory? Definitely! Overall, a great light for everyone looking for a pocketable high output, long-throw light.
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