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What Water Filter Should I Start With As A Newbie Prepper/Camper/Bushcrafter?

What A Piece Of Kit – Episode 6
The question in the title is very promptly answered.
The Water Filter rabbit hole runs very deep, but as a starting off point, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Links to items featured in video:
Sawyer Products –

Miniwell Gravity-Fed System –

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Newbie Prepping is brought to you by Mark and Richard. They are both Englishmen who now live in Northern Ireland and met through their Irish wives who are long time friends. Mark has been Prepping for over ten years now, and introduced the idea of Prepping to Richard, who already had an interest in learning survival skills. And from that came the birth of this channel.
Mark is the adept Prepper who thinks outside of the box better than most. And Richard is the resident Newbie always looking to improve his skills and equipment.
This channel contains useful videos including tips and tutorials on bugging-out locations, bug-out/INCH/’Get Home’ bags, with general bushcraft tips and overnighter videos.
“We’re not experts, and everyone has their own view on what is best for their personal SHTF (Shit hit the Fan) scenario. The general idea of this channel is that you can follow our journey and learn with us. The times where we make mistakes, as well as the improvements we make.”
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