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30 Year Supply Of Survival Food Ruined!

Don’t make this mistake! I packed up this forever food almost two years ago and today I found out that I messed up. Wheat berries are an excellent food to store in your prepper pantry for survival. They can easily last 30 years or more. Here’s all the info you need to know about this superfood and why it should be part of your food-prepping plans to hedge against food shortages. People have been storing wheat berries for thousands of years for a reason. You should too. 👍 SUBSCRIBE:

This Man Has A 30 Year Supply Of Food. It’s Dirt Cheap And Easy!

Millions Will Die From This

Buy These 3 Forever Foods Before It’s Too Late!

Homestead Prepping 101

🥖 The Grain Mill The mill we use isn’t available. This is the newer version.

🍞 Wondermill

As we journey from home to homestead, I’ll teach you how to become self-reliant. When the systems we rely on fail, know that you’ll have the skills to provide for your family. Oh, and we’ll have fun doing it! 👊

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