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Prepper Pantry Haul: FREE edition! Stockpile to beat inflation & food shortages

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Grocery shop for free! Build your prepper pantry stockpile for FREE!

There are plenty of programs and apps out there to use that will give you free stuff and free credit! In this time of uncertainty, food shortages and supply chain issues, protect your family by building a stockpile of those things you know you’ll use. Below I’m listing the resources I have used to earn all this and more for free!

Azure Standard:
Create a customer account
Main menu, my account, share Azure

Thrive Life:
Create a customer account
Account, scroll down, refer a friend

Share these links with anyone you know who might like to know about these companies and their product offerings. Earn free credit to spend on anything they sell! The best part about these programs is you can earn free credit even if you’ve never placed an order yourself!

Canning lids on Azure:

Cornbread mix in a jar:

Money Saving Apps that offer freebies: keep an eye out for free items in these apps! Sometimes it tells you “free” or “100% back.” Sometimes just you have to notice that one or more apps is offering the same or more money back than the cost of the item! Ibotta is my most used rebate app, I also use Swagbucks a lot because I can do my online shopping through them to earn a percent back! There are many ways to earn on Swagbucks depending on how much time you want to invest.

This is my favorite for freebies!

Shop, magic receipts for cash back rebates
Also shop online through “shop” to earn a percent back.

Fetch rewards:
Get $2 when you snap your first receipt
Look for “100% back” rebates

Brand new savings app with many ways to save and earn!
This one is so new, I’m still figuring it out!

This one gives “walk-in” kicks just for opening the app when you walk in the store, plus scan kicks for scanning items in the store, no purchase necessary!

🌱 Our family chooses Thrive Life freeze dried foods because they’re simply the best! No additives, no GMO’s, just pure, nutritious, whole foods with impeccable quality control AND a 25 year shelf life! Check it out here:
Monthly Sale Items:
Choose Delivery service to save 15% on every item and get free shipping over $99!

💚Could you use a little extra income? How would you like to get PAID every time your friends and family shop for groceries? Even earn FREE FOOD! Join our team! Even if you never sell to anyone, you will earn commission on your own purchases- getting paid to stock your prepper pantry is a no-brainer!

Get Prepared-Links for Prepping
Bulk Food Storage:
Mother Earth Products:
Survival Garden:
Coupon Code: WICKED

Mylar bags & Oxygen absorbers:

Water Storage and filtration:
Coupon Code: WICKED

Emergency Medical:

Use our code Prepared10 for 10% off sitewide! (except the brand new 2400)

Dual Fuel Gas:

Nuclear, Chemical, or Biological attack:

EMP Shield: (Save $50 with this link)

Survival Gear:


Makeup by Senegence:

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