Thriving in a Survival Garden – A Day in the Life of The Weedy Garden

In this video from, I make an episode in a single day. From sun up to sun down I share a Day in the Life of The Weedy Garden, and a few tips on how I grow Wonderful, Colorful, Natural, Clean Organic Food.

To study Permaculture with Geoff Lawton, enroll for the 2022 Permaculture Design Certificate course here: and remember to write 2022WEEDYBEARD at checkout to save USD $100 couresy Weedy 🙂

Filmed, edited and created by David Trood
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In this video, I refer to the following episodes:
Wormfarm: and
How to make LAB:
Food Forest:

Most of my trees I purchased from If you are living in Australia and are planning a food forest, then they sell online and deliver everywhere in Australia. Use the code WEEDYGARDEN to get 5% discount until 1/6/22

Music from
Wheelbarrow art by or

Last but definitely NOT least, I huge thankyou to my beautiful fiance Heather for her unconditional support and Love, and to Steve and Chrissy for giving Weedy room to grow on their property.

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