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Self Defense Or Murder? Homeowner Shoots Man In Garage

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I have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone invading my home or anywhere around it.

So the thought of someone breaking into my home and making me feel unsafe in my own home enrages me.

So when I see stories like this, I have minimal sympathy for the intruder.

However, the lawyer in me knows that what I feel is a justified use of force isn’t always what the law deems justified.

Unfortunately, this woman is experiencing firsthand the unpredictable world of the legal system regarding self-defense, and if you ask me, it’s ridiculous.

As responsible gun owners, we already have everything stacked up against us.

A criminal get’s to plan an attack against you, and what do we responsible gun owners get to choose? Almost nothing!

The only thing we can do is hope to see the attack soon enough to give us enough time to do something about it.

Considering all the disadvantages legal gun owners already have to deal with when it comes to protecting themselves, you’d think the government would do everything to help us equal the playing field, but no, because the government is against us too.

If the day ever comes and we have to use our gun to defend ourselves, at that moment when our life is on the line, and we only have a split second to make a decision, we could still end up going to jail because the legal system didn’t think our actions were justified.

After all, it wasn’t positively clear that the person who broke into our house or property in the middle of the night was dangerous enough to use deadly force.

The crazy thing is, even if you beat the criminal case, the family can still try to destroy you financially in civil court.

I’m not saying that we should be able to shoot anyone who shows up on our property at night.

I’m saying that deciding to use deadly force in a situation like this lady was faced with is already hard enough without our government making it ten times harder on legal gun owners.

If you use your gun in self-defense, you may have saved your life, but you now may lose your freedom.

If you saved your life and maintained your freedom, you may now become financially ruined.

If you saved your life, maintained your freedom and money, you still may have to deal with the emotional trauma of having to take a life.

All of it is messed up, but that’s our reality, and it’s also why I encourage people to get some form of membership with an organization like USCCA.

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The beautiful thing about USCCA is that there is no LIMIT to the cost of defense that is covered, which means whether the attorney costs $50K or $5 Million, that amount is covered in a case of self-defense.

But let’s say you have some other damages as a result of your self-defense like you lose your gun, damage to your home, having to clean up the scene; there is also annual liability insurance for up to 2 million dollars.

Also, you get $100,000 cost of bail expenses and up to $750 per day for actual loss of earnings.

But the reason I like USCCA is that the membership isn’t just about Self-Defense Liability Insurance.

The membership also gives you access to education, resources, and actual self-defense training.

USCCA is easily the most comprehensive membership on the market. If you want to learn more click here:

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