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Today, I am sharing my Prepper Pantry, Non-Food Essential Items. This is Part 5 in the Series. Parts 1 and 2 we covered Costco purchases.
Part 3 was a Tour of my Pantry
Part 4 covered my storage solutions. For example: Storage Jars, Labeling etc.
Part 5 has all the non food items: For example: Hygiene items, sanitation items, safety items.
The playlist for Parts 1 thru 4 can be found at #preppingwithdarci #organizedbydarci
For a comprehensive Prepper Pantry please visit my friend’s channel:
Denise Jordan from the Channel “This and That with Denise Jordan”
#Preppingwithdenise #traditionalhomaker.
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Take Care, Be Blessed. (Darci)
In this video, My Prepper Pantry Emergency Preparedness | Building a Three Month Prepper Pantry. Darci of Organized by Darci, shares a prepper pantry grocery haul as she begins to store up an emergency food supply, to build out her prepper pantry. Video content includes organizing ideas for food storage, how to build a prepper pantry, prepping for beginners, and pantry organization ideas.
Also, prepping the non-food , but essential items.

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