Basics of Urban Combat Survival and Assault Pack Setup

Survival / Recce / Assaulting, we’re going hard on these guys and Pt 1 of the Basics of Urban Combat Survival and Assault Pack Setup is the first of a very large series exploring this topic in conjunction with our becoming deadly in the mountains series. We hope you enjoys these topics as they start of basic. We won’t be able to teach you everything you need to know in this first video. It will take many. Stay tuned for more and keep the comment section spicy.

00:00 Urban Survival video begins 🙂
00:26 My qualifications to teach Urban Survival
01:00 Misconceptions of Urban Survival
01:49 Scenario for Urban Combat Survival
04:00 Your environment for Urban Survival will dictate your setup
04:30 Camouflage in Urban Survival?
06:00 Basics of Assault Packs for Urban Survival
07:25 most important piece of kit for Urban Survival, Situational Awareness
08:49 Stop, Look, Listen, Smell, in Urban Survival
11:42 Urban Survival Combat Assault Pack Setup
12:06 Urban Survival Assault Pack, HYDRATION
16:12 Urban Survival Assault Pack, MISSION ESSENTIAL GEAR
18:16 Urban Survival Assault Pack, FOOD
19:05 Urban Survival Assault Pack, ENTRY AND EXIT TOOLS (lock picks, breaching shotguns)
22:11 Urban Survival Assault Pack, SHELTER
23:45 Urban Survival Assault Pack, CLOTHING / LAYERS
25:10 Urban Survival Assault Pack, MEDICAL AND MISC ITEMS


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