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ARMED Lyft Driver Gets Carjacked (Self Defense True Story)

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Being attacked while picking up a fare is likely a rideshare driver’s worst nightmare. That is exactly what happened to Scott Javoroski one winter night in Milwaukee. As one man pretended to press a weapon — which turned out to be a cell phone — into Scott’s neck, the other attempted to drag the driver out of the vehicle. Scott’s training as a martial artist and USCCA member helped him keep cool and respond with no loss of life.

In this true-story video, Scott Javorski and his attorney, Amy Scholz, break down the harrowing tale with Concealed Carry Magazine Executive Editor Kevin Michalowski. The three discuss what Scott did right during the encounter as well as what could have gone horribly wrong.

Carrying a Gun In His Car May Have Saved This Driver’s Life

00:00 Watch the shocking dashcam video of this attempted robbery.
00:55 Meet the good guy with a gun and part-time rideshare driver, Scott Javoroski.
01:32 What sort of training had Scott taken before he started carrying a concealed firearm?
01:58 Breaking down the dashcam video: What was going through Scott’s mind when the attacker pressed a “gun” against his neck?
02:56 How did situational awareness tie into this real-life scenario?
03:24 How long did it take Scott to realize what was happening when the two men surrounded and attacked him?
04:05 What was the first thought in Scott’s head during the attack?
04:41 What guns did Scott have on him that night and where did he conceal them?
05:12 Kevin reinforces an important point: Always use a holster, even in off-body concealed carry.
05:37 Why does Scott choose to keep a gun concealed in his door panel?
06:34 At what point did Scott decide that he would go for his gun?
07:50 An important question: What made this rideshare driver decide not to fire his weapon at his attackers?
08:37 Attorney Amy Scholz answers the question: “Does Castle Doctrine apply to vehicles in Wisconsin?”
09:24 What actions did Scott take immediately after scaring off his attackers?
10:08 Is it OK to leave the scene of a self-defense incident if you feel that you may still be in danger?
10:49 What happened when police arrived at the scene? What did they do with Scott’s firearms?
11:58 Kevin and Amy agree: Be cautious about making any statements on the record before consulting an attorney.
13:12 Did the responding officers ask Scott any guilt-seeking questions while he was under duress?
13:46 Attorney Scholz emphasizes how easy it is to inadvertently provide incorrect testimony immediately following a traumatic event.
14:49 Your legal situation becomes exponentially worse the moment you decide to fire your weapon, even in self-defense.
16:13 Kevin: “If you have the option, don’t shoot.”
16:26 Looking back on the situation, what would Scott have done differently?
16:51 Has the attack affected Scott’s day-to-day alertness levels or training?
17:44 Preparation and training include educating yourself on your rights and the gun laws in your area.
18:32 How long has Scott been a Member of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association?
19:01 Had the USCCA provided any useful training or information that came to mind during Scott’s self-defense incident?

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