Clay's 10 Survival Items for ALONE Season 8

After watching the short “10 items” vid that the History Channel released, I realized that I didn’t explain why I’d chosen those items. So this week’s video is going in depth about why I chose the 10 survival items to take into the Chilko Lake Wilderness on ALONE Season 8. We’ll go through each one and talk about some of the tradeoffs of choosing those vs some other piece of survival gear. I’ll also talk about the decision to take a ferro rod vs making primitive fire using a bow drill or other means.

My 10 items were:
Sleeping bag
2qt Dutch Oven –
Self bow and arrows
ferro rod –
snare wire
Gransfors Bruks Axe –
Silky Katanaboy 650 saw –
Leatherman Free P4 multitool –
Fishing line and hooks

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